About us

Who we are

We have been serving people for over 140 years. Founded in Mosbach, the Johannes-Diakonie offers its services at over 30 locations in southwestern Germany. Over 3,400 employees are committed to helping people every day in a wide range of social services.

What we want

We want to make participation possible – for people with disabilities or special needs. To this end, we use our professional knowledge and our enthusiasm for the job every day. Our clear aim is to support the social process of inclusion by using the various business areas of the Johannes-Diakonie.

What we do

Our focus is on the following key areas of activity: offering a variety of services to support people with disabilities and learning difficulties, medical and occupational rehabilitation, education and youth aid and elderly care. To this aim, we employ as skilled professionals as support staff. And, in addition, we are offering promising prospects for a career as an executive.